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Mindset & Marketing Girl Boss 6 Month Program

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Mindset & Marketing Girl Boss 6 Month Program

Samantha Johnson
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Want monthly access to me and other like-minded individuals to help you reach your marketing goals?

Join my monthly membership and you will get:

  • Exclusive Access to my Group Chat
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Calls with Me
  • Quarterly Group Check ins
  • Daily Text Tips to help you achieve your goals

This is for you if you’re:

  • Just starting your business or want to start one
  • Looking for help marketing your business and promoting your products/services
  • Want to make your first $500-$1,000 in your businessDuring these 6 months we will:
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Help you develop a healthy mindset around money and selling
  • Create your customer profile
  • Create your marketing plan
  • Create your selling and marketing systems
  • Develop your brand message and visual branding
  • Develop Your Unique Selling Position
  • Create Your Sales Funnel(s)
  • Develop the best digital products to serve your audience. You will end these 12 months equipped with the know how, tools and resources to profitably market and grow your biz!
All memberships include a 1 week free trial
This membership will automatically end after 12 months.
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